Game of love

"You see the devil in her eyes and the darkness in her hair.But she had the smile of an angel." - No one [ Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash ] The dark night was a gift to him from his love. He was about to find that out soon. He slowly strolled across the … Continue reading Game of love

Popping Champagne

The calling ... The calling of the Universe... WAIT is not a bad word if you trust the timing. But TIME is a tricky character. Just because you have time, don't give up. Just because you can WAIT, don't ... Keep working. Keep looking. Universe falls in love with a stubborn heart. So, grab a … Continue reading Popping Champagne

#1 Alka’s Diary Entry – Sweet Pain

I will be presenting some chapters of some people's life here in the form of a diary entry in first person. This diary entry is of a girl... lets call her Alka (to maintain discretion) ... She loves someone deeply and her love is trickier than a puzzle. But her love was not well reciprocated. … Continue reading #1 Alka’s Diary Entry – Sweet Pain