#3 Alka’s Diary Entry : Mind Tower

After flying for long, I had to rest. All the emotional stress took a lot from me. To humour my loneliness, I built a mind tower. It had uncountable floors and each floor had innumerable rooms. I labelled every floor according to my emotional state. So I started exploring every room on the ground floor. … Continue reading #3 Alka’s Diary Entry : Mind Tower

#1 Alka’s Diary Entry – Sweet Pain

I will be presenting some chapters of some people's life here in the form of a diary entry in first person. This diary entry is of a girl... lets call her Alka (to maintain discretion) ... She loves someone deeply and her love is trickier than a puzzle. But her love was not well reciprocated. … Continue reading #1 Alka’s Diary Entry – Sweet Pain