The warm embrace
The electric gaze
All made sense
When the touch made her walls disappear with no defense

Often the dilemma of stepping into the unknown stops one from experiencing the best of life.

THE BEST OF LIFE? What is it?

She can’t answer that. Because she doesn’t know. But she knows the map to the treasure.

Here it is…

“The road that makes you smile and scared at the same time. The signboard that signals your arrival at the destination even before you have arrived. The turn that makes you twirl with joy. This leads you to your safe place. Your home.”

She knew the time had come. The time had come for her to take the new path. The new path that leads to her happy place. She didn’t have the exact picture or the address. But she was sure that she would know what place that is when she touches the air around with her presence. And she did find it… The walls she built turned into fog. The rough road felt velvety. She had full control of her surroundings yet she let the design of her environment change. She knew it was a good change.

Now who is she? And to what place she went?

She… Is anyone with enough courage to embrace the unknown.

The place… Is any place where you feel the flow of water is upwards.

Not everyone understands the flow of life. It is always against what the norm says. It is always towards what your heart says.

Stay unfenced.

Stay awesome.

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