A clean slate

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Siah. She was a mix of all stories she heard. She was an self evolving piece of art. She looked ordinary. One of the kind, that blends into the background with minimal efforts. But her mind, her thoughts, her stories made her different.

She once let someone write all over her mind, heart and beliefs. She happily let her guard down and saw herself burning in his flame. Little did she know, that the flame turned into wild fire and turned her soul into nothing but ash.

But she never gave up on her fantasy world. Siah knew, what was created in her head will take form. This time she started with a clean slate. She had no stories this time. She was expecting surprises. She felt this time her story will tell her the ultimate tale for itself.

And it did. The aftermath of the wild fire was a phoenix. She loved her empty self full off possibilities. This time she didn’t make the mistake of giving her pen to anyone. There was someone whose writing had the power to tear her spell of not letting anyone see her book. And boy, how beautiful the cloth that teared apart turned into a heart.

This was meant to be.

Siah sighed. Atlast, in peace.

Note: Images used are downloaded from Google.

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