#3 Alka’s Diary Entry : Mind Tower

After flying for long, I had to rest.

All the emotional stress took a lot from me.

To humour my loneliness, I built a mind tower. It had uncountable floors and each floor had innumerable rooms. I labelled every floor according to my emotional state.

So I started exploring every room on the ground floor. Every room on that floor had heavy and hard materials – stone like. As soon as I saw them, I felt like pushing it away. But that was not possible. I checked every room. I tried hard. I pushed it with all my might. But it didn’t even move by an inch.

All this was going on in my head for weeks. I was tired and wanted the scenario to change.

Tired, I moved to the first floor.

My curiosity had died. I had no hope. But that is life, you have to keep going.

I entered the first room on my left. It was dark. But I could see a shiny glass sphere in the middle of the room. I picked it up. I felt funny inside. I started smiling. I don’t remember how the smile converted into a laugh and then to a huge cry. I hadn’t cried like that in the past few days. I screamed and threw the ball against a wall. The sphere smashed in small pieces. I felt a bit of satisfaction. A sigh of relief…. Felt as if I was released from some kind of possession. I thought I would do the same in every room and I will feel better. I went to every room in a clockwise direction from the first room. The sphere was getting bigger and bigger by every passing room. And by every passing room the satisfaction sinked to beyond ground levels. The anger grew. The smashed pieces were all round me. I couldn’t feel the pain. I couldn’t distinguish between pain and no-pain. It became normal for me. By the time I reached the last room, I had bruised my hands and legs very badly.

This went on for again 2 weeks. I figured out, this was the best way to while away the time.

Time… I do have the time. But I can’t use it to hurt myself. My patience was running out.

I then decided to go to the 2nd floor ….

I don’t have the courage to go inside the rooms…

Waiting outside the first room, I was staring at the mirror outside the room.. When I glanced around, there were mirrors hanging on the doors of every room on that floor. I couldn’t understand it’s importance.

My hand is now on the knob of the first door.

Let’s see, what is in store for me.

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