The Sailor – Part 1 

A sailor sailing in the long lost ocean sang with deep sadness and a longing in his eyes.

He burnt the ship that captivated him. The ship was inhabited by the OTHERS. Now they are gone.


Let there be light at the end of the tunnel
Let there be smoke after the fire

Let there be shore awaiting after the sail
We need to sing the song

The song which u tell everyone

The song which I hum alone
Let there be me

Let there be the song
Let the song find you

And bring the shore closer


The story goes this way – The OTHERS loved him their way. But it wasn’t the sailor’s way. He was scared and fed up. He needed to get out. He couldn’t wait long and make their craziness grow to next level. He had no choice. THEY would have followed him wherever he went.

He wanted to end it badly.

He burned them. He burned them all.



Let his sadness sink in your heart and I will tell you the story of the OTHERS

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