#1 Alka’s Diary Entry – Sweet Pain

I will be presenting some chapters of some people’s life here in the form of a diary entry in first person. This diary entry is of a girl… lets call her Alka (to maintain discretion) … She loves someone deeply and her love is trickier than a puzzle. But her love was not well reciprocated. And now she wants to go all out and take control of her life. The words are mine but I have tried to do justice to her feelings. So here writes Alka –



Dear Diary,

Confusion around. Heart missing a beat whenever I get the thought of making the mistake. If not now… then when?

The pain of letting any desire go away from you and the sweetness it leaves behind when you get to live it is inexplicable. But when you combine them both, you get what you would crave for your entire life and that feeling will never make your life dull. You will live to imbibe the sweet poison, you will die to get rid of the tempting pain.

Only LOVE has the power to make you feel the two at the same time. It is a maddening experience. You fall in love, you cry in love, you hate in love … but you also live in love, you smile in love … and you also go away from that love to make that love immortal.

But is it worth the pain… Is LOVE worth the pain? What is more enchanting – The invisible scars it leaves behind or the mystical passion that fuels your life?

For some it is a rhetorical question… for me it is a journey. The answers will change every moment and I want to live in every moment.

I will get back with all the possible answers and write every thing down, so that whenever I am confused I can refer back to my cheat code. *winks*


Stay Raw.

Stay Awesome.

#2 Alka’s Diary Entry: Fiction


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