Kodaikanal- “The Gift Of The Forest”

What a place


If you want to get away with Chennai’s suicidal heat, then this is the goddamn right place.

The name means  “The Gift Of The Forest”. And I absolutely agree with it. Tall trees, cold air, relaxing environment – it has everything u need for a perfect relaxing weekend.wpid-kodaikanal-pillar-rocks.jpg

Summers in Chennai are painful. My friends decided to get away with it. Kodaikanal was the perfect place. We started our journey past mid-night. After a 6-8 hr long  journey full of fun and music, the ghats welcomed us with a splash of a cold fresh air. We were instantly boosted up. With every passing scenary, I nictated calmy to capture the beauty forever in my eyes.

The perfect front view from our lodge made my weekend. It was located on top of a small hill and it gave a good view of the soothing greenary.

Everything about the weekend was memorable. The camp fire, Bicycle ride, Water boat ride, horse ride were the highlights. It was my first time with horse riding. As i rode, I was afraid at first but after some time it felt as if i was in control of the horses…oooh i trully enjoyed it.. As for the water boat experience, it was like a Tom-and-Jerry race. We paddled our boat to escape other team’s boat where the weapons were huge-harsh splashes of water.  Obviously we weren’t successful ….hahaha….we surrendered……And at night, we had a huge camp fire and we all danced our way around it.


The roadside chaat( you know my love affair with spicy chaat *winks* ), handmade chocolates were some of the delicacies that we enjoyed there. We visited Kodaikanal lake, Pine forest, Pillar rocks ..Obviously i left some details. How couldn’t I… we had so much fun but i funnelled out for this blog. Forgive me for that… 😦

The secret behind having a perfect weekend in Kodaikanal is not seeing places in a hurry. Wait.Close your eyes.Breathe. Feel the moment. The blissful feeling of flying in the gushing cold air will rejuvenate your inner self.

Do visit this place if possible.

Stay Awesome.


7 thoughts on “Kodaikanal- “The Gift Of The Forest”

  1. nicely written.. yo girl!

    though it was like Pauri only but with you all it was altogether a different experience. 🙂 and yea it was a gift . (Y)

    was the best trip.. ever! 😀

    shabash.. or likho.. maza aa rha hai 😛

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