Kodaikanal- “The Gift Of The Forest”

What a place . If you want to get away with Chennai's suicidal heat, then this is the goddamn right place. The name means¬†¬†"The Gift Of The Forest". And I absolutely agree with it. Tall trees, cold air, relaxing environment - it has everything u need for a perfect relaxing weekend. Summers in Chennai are … Continue reading Kodaikanal- “The Gift Of The Forest”


Hello everyone. Thank God Its Friday... Yayy After a very exhaustive end to the working week, you need some time for just yourself. I decided the same. Why not give myself a good treat for being brave through out the week, smartly dodging my boss's cruel and cynical eyes. This week was one hell of … Continue reading FRIDAY DELICACIES…. Yumm :-p


WOOOO.... A long time since i wrote... anything for that matter. A lot of things have changed, including my location. Now I am in the mighty CHENNAI. Working. Being Independant. After the training period( in Chennai) in my organisation, all my 8-month-old-friendship got scattered by distance. I didn't cry coz my tear glands are allergic … Continue reading CHENNAI EXPRESS – CHAI TIME BREAK