Game of love

"You see the devil in her eyes and the darkness in her hair.But she had the smile of an angel." - No one [ Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash ] The dark night was a gift to him from his love. He was about to find that out soon. He slowly strolled across the … Continue reading Game of love


The warm embrace The electric gaze All made sense When the touch made her walls disappear with no defense Often the dilemma of stepping into the unknown stops one from experiencing the best of life. THE BEST OF LIFE? What is it? She can't answer that. Because she doesn't know. But she knows the map … Continue reading Unfence

#3 Alka’s Diary Entry : Mind Tower

After flying for long, I had to rest. All the emotional stress took a lot from me. To humour my loneliness, I built a mind tower. It had uncountable floors and each floor had innumerable rooms. I labelled every floor according to my emotional state. So I started exploring every room on the ground floor. … Continue reading #3 Alka’s Diary Entry : Mind Tower